DECEMBER 10th, 2022. 11am- 8pm. 

Send an email to for address. Or text 403. 629. 5000

50% off everything. Over 100 paintings. New Prints. Good drinks. Big hugs. 





DEC 10- Studio Show & Sale- 11am - 8pm. for details. 

Dec 3rd/4th- Canada's Walk of Fame. 

Oct 1-31st- New York Showcase!

FEB 11- CAMP HOOHA PAINT NIGHT- Sign up for a fun night of self love and self portraits. Head to

MAR 11- Your Brain on Art- Join us for a virtual event filled with Art and Science as we raise funds for so many great things that are innovating healing in our medical community. 

FEB 23- Join myself and Michael Bernard Fitzgerald as we paint and play together in this very special and intimate show. Head to for more info. 

NEW WORK // NEW STUDIO SHOW & SALE: Coming soon.... so excited to show you these works. 


STUDIO SHOW- Prints, paintings, portraits, AR pieces and more all on sale. This show is safe, socially distant and available virtually. If interested in attending please email for times and address. Can't wait to see you. There is a virtual show option- if this is for you, please send your email to





Full Article to the right

Full Article to the right

COVID COLOURING PDF's for free below

Stan Lee and Spiderman Coloring for your kids! 1.48 MB
Dr. Bonnie Henry Coloring of Dr. Henry 678 KB
Theresa Tam Coloring for your sweethearts 821 KB
Calgary Foodbank Heroes The Calgary Foodbank Managers have been doing an amazing job! here's to them! 1.6 MB
Bobby Coloring page Bobby's World was a HUGE influence on me. Here's a colouring page for you! 535 KB
Dr. Hinshaw Coloring Heroes 517 KB
Randy Dziwenka Colouring Heroes 982 KB
Neil Zeller Colouring Heroes 1.07 MB
David Hockney Hero Colouring 988 KB
Jann and her brother Hero Colouring! 1.83 MB
Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson Hero Colouring 1.52 MB
Chloe- What do you meme? Colouring for covid 1.17 MB
TIGER KING Covid Colouring 1.52 MB
Carole Baskin Covid Colouring 2.1 MB
Nic Cage Meme Covid Colouring 944 KB
Fiona Mattatall Hero Colouring 1.09 MB
Nic Cage Hair blowing Covid Colouring 865 KB
Meme for you Covid Colouring 669 KB
Schitt's Creek Covid Colouring 2.18 MB
Tiger King and Carole Covid Colouring 1.83 MB
Troll2 Covid Colouring 1.24 MB
Thank you Front Lines Covid Colouring 1.1 MB
Calvin and Hobbes Covid Colouring 774 KB
We love you, Nova Scotia Colouring for healing 721 KB
C3PO R2D2 Covid Colouring 805 KB
Thank you for your service. xoxox A tribute to the lives lost in the Helicopter Crash. Canadian Armed Forces. Royal Canadian Navy 6.6 MB
Sweet Hiep Bui Rest in peace beautiful soul. 1.86 MB

Canada's Walk of Fame- AR Portraits