music. art. awesome.

Let's make a bunch of AWESOME!

We are making treasures at Record1235

Musicians join me in my studio and we intuitively play (music and paint) for an short amount of time, and explore the the change of images and sounds to see what can be created and what influences what.

During each session, we record an entire album. And I do all the artwork. We then press 100 records and have 100 items of original art made together, on the same day. We want to bring back limits, because we find that there aren't too many any more. 

And we film the whole thing.....

Musicians involved:

Library Voices, Raleigh, Kris Demeanor, Dojo Workhorse, Sydney York, Calvin Locke, Miesha and the Spanks, Michael Bernard Fitzgerald and many more!


Brock Geiger:

Kris Demeanor:

Michael Bernard Fitzgerald

Thank you so much ACTRA Alberta for you support in this project!

MEGA thanks to North Country Cinema for their enthusiasm and vital role in the project!!

None of this is possible without the wonderful family and support at The Crossroads Market.
BRAVOFACT. This is coming!